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Group Ice Breaker Game 59

This game is perfect for team building; it is one of the few ice breaker games that require your entire group (or sets of teams in larger groups) to do a joint activity.

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Group Ice Breaker Game 32

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Group Ice Breaker Game 78

Summary: A classic icebreaker game in which the goal is to get your teammates to correctly identify something that is drawn within the time limit. Ages: 8 and up.

Summary: A simple icebreaker useful for introducing people to each other and helping people learn names. This game is especially useful when there are new people present.

Group Ice Breaker Game 41

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Group Ice Breaker Game 103

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Group Ice Breaker Game 7

Group Ice Breaker Game 112

A party ice breaker game that is like playing bingo.

This ice breaker game is fun regardless of the social situation you may find yourself in! It’s very simple and straightforward, and requires very little preparation.

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