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Amateur radio (also called ham radio) describes the use of radio frequency spectrum for purposes of non-commercial exchange of messages, wireless experimentation

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Jim’s Antique Radio Museum – SWL RECEIVERS – antique radio virtual museum, vacuum tube radio, classic radios, vintage radios, radio collection, historical radio

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Universal Radio Inc. Selling new and used amateur and shortwave radio equipment since 1942

Shown with the parts included in the kit with the optional LED Frequency Counter, Frequency Stabilizer (mounted in the bottom back) and S-Meter.

Durham Radio Sales is one of the largest amateur radio dealers in Canada and stocks a wide variety of ham radio equipment including major brand name gear as well as

DX Zone is a portal dedicated to ham radio (amateur radio) with a human edited links directory dedicated to long-distance and two-way radio communictations

TEN-TEC Model 599AT EAGLE Transceiver, 100 WATTS, IF DSP with Tuner

Listen to cb radio online. Live audio and video of live cb radio, Lincoln Nebraska live police scanner and more.

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A guide for shortwave world band radio enthusiasts.

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[ No item ] UM95 GRE PSR-700 $89.95 Scanner The GRE PSR-700 covers VHF Low, VHF High, VHF Air, UHF, 800 MHz public service (less cellular) and 1.2GHz including analog

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